Users’ management

If you want other people to be able to manage and update your site, without giving them permission to access every part of the control panel, you have the possibility to create additional users. By giving these users specific permissions, they can browse certain parts of the website panel and modify them.

Each Sitonline package allows you to create a certain number of additional users: with the Start subscription you can create 1 additional user and up to 3 with the Professional and up to 10 with the Premium version.

To create an additional user you have to click on the “insert new user” (1) button.
Users’ management

Every user will have it’s own username and password with an associated e-mail account. If you activate the option “send an e-mail to the user”, that specific user will receive an e-mail every time you decide to change or modify his/her authorizations.
Users’ management

Every user can: modify contents, change the site settings, work on its structure, change the template or the html code, publish the site, or manage the “help” area.

The “modify contents” is a default option and allows the user to modify contents. You cannot disable it.
With “site settings” you can allow the user to change the settings of “site settings” section.
Through “site structure” any user can create, disable or delete pages for the site.
The “modify the template and html” option allows the user to change the graphic model and modify the htlm and css codes and the meta tags.
With “publish the site” any user can publish any change he or she made to the site in the website panel.
Through the “help” section you keep activated the links to contact our staff.

Once you’re done creating the user, you will always be able to modify its specifics through the “modify(1) button: permissions, username, password and associated e-mail account can be changed at any time.

By clicking “delete(2) the user you created will be permanently deleted.
Users’ management