Home page splash

Use Home splash to turn your home page in a “presentation mode” one.

By selecting this option, the first page of your site will display only the graphic header and main menu: it will be a very “short” page,  all boxes (red and blue) are hidden and the page appears more compact.

Home page splash

To activate the “Home splash” option: access the site panel, click “Edit site” and then “Home splash“, at the top of the page.
This option is available only with the latest templates, size 1024 px.

To improve the display of the page in presentation mode, select the “big header”.
Besides making the first page of the site clear and tidy, the “Home Splash” option is useful, for example, to indicate that the site is still under construction.

To return to the classic display of the home page, access the site panel, click “Edit site” and then “Home full“.