How Sitonline works enables you to access via web the Website creation and management service, which consists in:

  • Use of the Site Panel to create a site and update it at will, without knowing any programme language.
  • Use of a choice of our templates (graphic forms ready for use on the site) from among the many available.
  • Automated publication of site in web space supplied by us and with a second level domain of the type (subject to purchase of package).
  • Various instruments and utilities, such as statistics, viral tools, RSS
  • An intranet for sharing files (excluding start package)

Internet is an opportunity to invest in and we supply you the means for doing it.

There is no need to download any software, everything takes place on the web using a normal browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc…).

A subscription to a package (valid for 6 or 12 months) includes all these services for the purchased site. Prices are listed on our site under Price List.

Sitonline’s mainstay is its innovative site Panel. With this tool Sitonline users can create their own site and are at liberty to update it as and when they like, during their subscription period.

A website works best if it regularly updated, if it is used to dialogue with its users/clients, if it provides up-to-date information and is renewed over time.

A website that is always kept up-to-date through a classic web-agency means that besides paying to create the site, you have to stipulate a maintenance contract to insert data, photos, articles etc… in short, you are dependent on the agency who sold you the site even for the smallest change or update you wish to make.

This is not so with Sitonline; updating is easy and with just a few minutes’ work you will be able to keep your site updated and see it grow day by day, thus increasing your visibility on line and your business, at no extra cost.

The following will give you an idea of how Sitonline works, with a panorama of the service and illustrates how, in just a few minutes, you can have your website on line:

  • No need to download anything. Just connect up and go to our website. You only have to register the first time and afterwards you just log in.
  • You buy a website (or request a 10 day free trial) and create it by choosing the address (domain) and title.
  • Choose a template, which you can change at any time and personalize.
  • Enter the content in predetermined pages, add photos, video, create new pages.
  • Press “Publish” and your website is on line.

Sitonline’s asynchronous mode allows you to work on the website in all tranquillity, making changes and previewing the result, without going on line. When you are finally satisfied, just press the “Publish” button and all your visitors will see the end result.