Website statistics

To view your statistics, click on “statistics”, a button located on your control panel.

Website statistics

Remember that the statistics are not updated in real time, but every midnight. Today’s visits are therefore counted, but will only be displayed online tomorrow.

If you are a Start client you only have access to basic statistics, while Professional and Premium clients are able to look at advanced statistics.

Basic stats enable you to monitor visits and page views for each month from the moment you purchased one package.
You can also view how much disc space you’re occupying and the traffic band you used so far.

With the word “visits we mean each visitor’s first access during a session, regardless the number of page views.
The period necessary for access as the same visitor and be counted again is 30 minutes.

A page view is when a web page is completely downloaded by a visitor.

Advanced statistics monitor the daily access and gives you daily updates on the site, in addition to the monthly service offered to Start customer.
Each data summary is followed by different charts to facilitate the analysis of the data.

Visits are classified on the basis of the Operating System (O.S.) used by the visitor, on the Browser they use and they tell where the links come from (via bookmarks, search engines, external page, etc…).

Furthermore, advanced statistics are able to give you a detailed account of the keyword/ phrase searched by the users to get to your site.

Here below you can find some tips from our advanced pages guide:

Website statistics